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What is SignifAI?

SignifAI is a machine intelligence platform that helps DevOps and SRE teams reduce alert noise and find accurate answers faster by correlating events in real-time among large volumes of log, event, and metric monitoring data. It integrates with your existing infrastructure, application, and deployment tools to surface information that enables your team to diagnose and fix issues quickly, regardless of the seniority or knowledge of the engineers currently on shift.

SignifAI creates Deep Knowledge℠ correlations based on algorithms that are constantly learning from your data and the collective expertise of your SRE team. Event correlations help you filter through the large amount of data spread over many tools, and reduce alert noise so you can focus on what matters first.

In addition to correlating related incidents between your tools, SignifAI also develops Insights and Answers℠ that can help your team determine the root cause of issues faster, based on industry knowledge and historical information. This enables engineers to gain insight without having to know everything about your system, helping newer or more junior engineers to problem-solve better.

With the time your SRE team will gain back with SignifAI’s help - from real-time event correlation and diagnosis, to reduced alert noise, to centralization of information - they can work on creative, complex projects to improve your system’s performance and uptime.

What is SignifAI?