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Integrating with Akamai Fast DNS

Akamai Fast DNS provides an authoritative DNS service that offloads DNS resolution from your infrastructure to the cloud.

Built on the Akamai Intelligent Platform, Fast DNS is architected for both performance and availability and can maintain a fast DNS experience.

Integrating with Akamai Using an Email Collector

Connect Akamai to SignifAI Email Collector to receive valuable notifications about your DNS, Load Balancers, and other infrastructure changes. SignifAI will correlate Akamai events and match them with other relevant events to determine the best root cause of an issue.

SignifAI Email Collector is used exactly like a Web Collector for cases where the integration point does not support a webhook.

Email Collector Installation

  1. Log in to your Akamai portal. Make sure you are using Admin permissions.
  2. Navigate to the "Configure" option and click on "Alerts"
  1. First you will need to provide an alert name. Pick a meaningful name so it's easier to understand this alert configuration is related to your SignifAI integration.
  1. Select from the options the type of Alert you would like SignifAI to be aware of. We suggest to pick the most critical alert which might impact your Service Level Objectives but feel free to send as many alerts as needed.
  1. Next you will need to select which of your infrastructure objects would be relevant to trigger the alerts. If you are choosing your DNS records, you will need to chose one or multiple items.
For security reasons, the entire list is empty. However, in your environment you will be able to see a list of objects.

For security reasons, the entire list is empty. However, in your environment you will be able to see a list of objects.

  1. Set the alert condition. This means how much time this alert will be suppressed before triggering.
  1. Last, log into your SignifAI Sensors area. Choose the Akamai sensor and copy the auto-generated email address provided to you by the email collector integration. Use this email in the final Akamai alert configuration.

What Is An Email Collector?

SignifAI Email Collector is an email address generated dynamically for your specific account and the integration point. For security reasons, this address is very long and random. SignifAI will validate with each message that the address is valid, and that it is unique for your specific account and integration point. Due to its cryptographic complexity it is nearly impossible to guess or brute force this address - which protects it from spamming or spoofing attacks.

Need help with the integration?

Contact us at: [email protected] and we will be happy to help.

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Integrating with Akamai Fast DNS

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