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Integrate with Asana for team collaboration

Integrating with Asana

Asana is a project management tool that is trying to change the way people work. Instead of using email to manage your tasks and communication, you can use the app to track your todos, see what your team is up to, get the status of projects, and communicate with coworkers. Everything is in one place where it's easy to find and act on.

SignifAI supports integrating with Asana, so you can open tasks and assign them right from each issue created in real-time.


You must first register your application with Asana to receive a client ID and client secret. Fortunately, this process is fast and easy with SignifAI as we automate this process for you.

  1. Click on the Asana button and authenticate to your Asana account.
  2. Once successfully authenticated, you will be redirected back to SignifAI.
  3. Please pick the relevant project name in your account. In case you leave the project name empty, we will create a new SignifAI project for you.

Need help with the integration?

Contact us at: and we will be happy to help.


Integrate with Asana for team collaboration