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Email Collector

Generic collection over email

What is Generic Collection Over Email?

SignifAI email collector provides you with a powerful and easy way to integrate all your legacy systems or any other system that currently is not supported by SignifAI; by simply sending events over email, SignifAI will automatically parse and store the information in the same way other data collection is done.

SignifAI currently supports JSON-formatted email. All data that appears in the email body is assumed to be part of a single data event. The structure of the email must be well-formed JSON or the message will be ignored. This means that it must be pure JSON and conform to our specification in Sending Data In.

Provisioning an Email Address

To provision an email address for collection:

  1. Log into the SignifAI console.
  2. Navigate to the Sensors section.
  3. Choose Email.
  4. Click on Provision. You will see your unique email address and you can use it to send information.

When You Should NOT Use Email Collector

Email collection is a method of supporting different systems that currently can not support API collection approach, or in case we do not support it yet.

If you are trying to send raw metric data, this method is not recommended and we do not guarantee successful delivery and collection. The suggested usage pattern should be events, incidents, alerts, and other information that does not exceed 1 email per 30 seconds.

We automatically assign a unique email address to your account so you may send events over email.
In order to protect your security, we will generate unique 64 characters key which will be unique to your account. Append it with as the full email address. Although the email address format may be difficult to remember, you should only need to set it once for all your legacy integrations.

We apply rate limiting on the number of emails per minute, but it's not something we expect to cause issues for normal usage.


Make sure your mail is being sent in the following format:

  1. To:
  2. The subject is ignored and can be anything you wish.
  3. Email body:

If your system supports JSON in emails:
Use the following schema with no additional text:

    "events": [{
        "application": "Inspected application name",
        "attributes": {
            "alert/description": "Description about the alert itself",
            "alert/state": "alarm",
            "application/state": "MAJOR",
            "environment": "prod"
        "event_description": "Description about the incident",
        "event_source": "Application that created the incident",
        "event_type": "incident",
        "host": "host-name",
        "timestamp": 1520107275,
        "value": "medium"

If your system does not support JSON in emails:
Use the following format. The first line defines the prefixes used to create nesting in your data - you can use whatever you like here (first/second, root/sub, :/::, etc) as long as you have them defined in the first line:

L1 L2

L1 application
Inspected application name

L1 attributes

L2 alert/description
Description about the alert itself

L2 alert/state

L2 application/state

L2 environment

L1 event_description
Description about the incident

L1 event_source
Application that created the incident

L1 event_type

L1 host

L1 timestamp

L1 value

Format Requirements

1) The event_type field is mandatory (in contrast to the REST API where the event_type is not required) and can either be incident or deployment.
2) You must use a UNIX/epoch timestamp (if omitted, the timestamp for the event will be the time at which the email is received).

Need help with the integration?

Contact us at: [email protected] and we will be happy to help.

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Email Collector

Generic collection over email

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