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Integrate with JIRA for team collaboration and sharing

Integrating with JIRA Products

Jira is an issue tracking product developed by Atlassian. It provides bug tracking, issue tracking, and project management functions.

SignifAI creates tickets in Jira, based on high-level correlated issues that are intelligently grouped from multiple incidents and events. You can easily collaborate with your team directly from within SignifAI and all data will be saved on the Jira ticket.

SignifAI supports integrating with Jira Software and Jira Service Desk, so you can open tickets and assign them right from each issue created in real-time. For every Jira ticket, SignifAI will automatically add the SignifAI Issue link to the description section so it's available to you with one click.

As of now, after SignifAI creates the ticket in Jira, it will not automatically close it once the Issue is resolved. The main reason for that is that SignifAI is smart enough to automatically close issues when they are no longer relevant without any user interaction inside SignifAI, but it will break the Jira workflow which usually requires a human to actively take action and move the ticket into a different state.


Note: You must be an administrator in JIRA to perform these steps.

  1. Create a JIRA user that will be associated with SignifAI. As a JIRA administrator click on the Settings and select User management.
  2. Click Create user.

  1. Enter the username and email. When completed, click the Create user button.

  1. Make sure the user is part of the "jira-software-users" group and that the "JIRA Software Application Access" is checked for that user.

  1. Fill out the fields in the SignifAI sensor. For the JIRA Cloud organization name pick your JIRA subdomain name. Use the username and password you have just created.

Supporting Secured Enterprise Edition Integration

For companies with high-security standards, SignifAI supports client-side SSL certification auth. SignifAI will support secure SSL connection to your on-premise Enterprise JIRA installation via Security Proxy.
In order for the integration to work, we will assign a dedicated internal DNS address that will forward all your specific requests into our proxies and will be mapped directly into your egress firewall DNS address. This address should be mapped with your internal Jira services.
You will be able to sign with your own CA the SignifAI's SSL client certificate and we will provide you with a dedicated URL to be used during the integration process.
Please contact us to receive our SSL client certificate request as well as for a list of static IPs to be whitelisted and your dedicated DNS address.

Jira Enterprise Integration

Please note - you must contact [email protected] before trying to integrate in order for us to provision successfully your secured connection.

Need help with the integration?

Contact us at: [email protected] and we will be happy to help.

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Integrate with JIRA for team collaboration and sharing

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