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Sending Metrics

Reporting Metrics to SignifAI

The Metrics API allows you the ability to send any type of metric data from your own proprietary systems and applications to SignifAI. This information is used for knowledge enrichment, measurements and tracking. The API supports generic way of sending any type of metric data point with full flexibility.
Use the attributes to push your specific information in addition to the mandatory fields. Some other metric systems use tags or labels. In SignifAI you can create dimensions by using the attributes option.

API Specifications

Available Methods

API Endpoint


Send metrics data to SignifAI for processing

Allowed Fields


event_source (REQUIRED)


Your own representation for the system or application that is generating the event.

{"event_source": "my-system"}



Set to metric

{"event_type": "metric"}

host/service/application (REQUIRED)


What generated the event. Can be the associated host or, if a host isn't relevant, a service or an application. Note: only one is mandatory.

{"service": "my-webservice-1"}



The metric name. This field will help you identify the specific metric name you are sending.

{"name": "cpu"}

value (REQUIRED)

String, Boolean, Double, Long

The value related to the metric type (see type field for information). In the case of sending data point measurement, use the actual value.

{"value": true}

metric_description (REQUIRED)


A must field that describe the metric.

{"metric_description": "cpu utilization"}



We will automatically infer type from the data. We currently support the following values for this field: string, bool, double, and long
For all data points, we will default to double as the data type.

{"type": "bool"}



Time in UTC that the event occurred since the epoch. Negative timestamps are not supported. Default: the time our server receives the event

{"timestamp": 1468949954}


JSON Object

A generic field that supports the JSON format. Currently we don’t support <list> data type, but other than that, feel free to add any kind of attribute. SignifAI supports unstructured data using attributes, so you can send any information you wish. Once it's available in SignifAI, the system will make decisions based on that information. Prefer sending attribute names as lowercase.

{"attributes": {"cloud_region": "US-EAST", "cpu_core_number": "8"}}

Important Attributes

The following attributes keys will automatically be correlated:
"dc" - hints for DataCenter
"cluster" - hints for Cluster name

Make sure you are sending those attributes whenever available for better results

Need help with the integration?

Contact us at: [email protected] and we will be happy to help.

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Sending Metrics

Reporting Metrics to SignifAI

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