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Integrate with Slack to receive notifications

Integrating with Slack

Slack is a powerful chat tool that brings all your communication together in a single place. It allows your teams to collaborate faster and reduce the communication time and cycles between people - hence shorten the time to reach a resolution. SignifAI posts notifications to Slack and monitors the channel you select to learn which incidents are most important to you.

This integration allows you to receive the most up to date SignifAI's Issue status changes such as issues creation and issues resolution from within Slack. With a single click, on the issue name, you will be redirected directly to the relevant issue card inside SignifAI.

With the certified Slack integration, users can collaborate with one another without loosing the context of the issues. Users can also collaborate from within the SignifAI control center and share any specific issue card details within a specific Slack channel.

Integration setup and authentication can be completed effortlessly, allowing users to quickly integrate SignifAI and Slack in their incident resolution workflows.


  1. Use the button in the console to initiate the Slack OAuth 2.0 process.
  2. From, choose your Slack team and a channel for communication.
  3. Authorize using the green button at

Collaborating from SignifAI into Slack

Share an issue from SignifAI to keep key team members informed so you can collaborate on a solution.

In the issue feed, click the Menu icon on an issue, then click Issue Collaboration.
Select the sharing channel and enter the recipients.
For example, select Slack and then write your own personal comment to be shared with your team.
Consider adding a comment that helps team members understand why you are sharing the issue with them.

Need help with the integration?

Contact us at: [email protected] and we will be happy to help.

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Integrate with Slack to receive notifications

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