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Integrating with ThousandEyes

Integrating with ThousandEyes using a Web Collector

ThousandEyes is a network intelligence platform which provides immediate insights across all networks and connected devices organizations rely on.

Connect ThousandEyes to SignifAI to automatically analyze all alerts and events with the context of your infrastructure and other monitoring tools.

Web Collector Installation

  1. Log in to the main SignifAI console and navigate to the Sensors tab.

  2. Select ThousandEyes and navigate to the Collector URL tab.

  3. Copy the SignifAI Web Collector for ThousandEyes Events URL

  4. In the ThounsandEyes dashboard, Choose Settings -> Alerts tab

  5. For each alert, choose the Notifications and configure a webhook.

  6. If you have already configured SignifAI webhook - just choose it for each alert section.

  7. In case it is your first time, click on Edit webhooks and set a new one by giving it a name and enter the SignifAI collector URL.

Web Collector Integration

Web Collector Integration

Need help with the integration?

Contact us at: [email protected] and we will be happy to help.

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Integrating with ThousandEyes

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